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4 year slump

2010-10-10 01:25:24 by Scrambledheggs

After 4 years of creating nothing for this site in flash, I felt like it would be fun to just submit something as a critique just so I could see what other people thought of it before giving it to someone very special to me. I wasn't expecting great reviews just because I had rushed the ending part of the animation so some things were a bit choppy, but it got the idea across. And what do I know, I come back after a few hours and I see that I'm daily second! 4 years of me being a lazy sack of crap and not submitting anything to come back to that.

But anyways, I just wanted to give a shout out to all the people that watched and gave such awesome reviews for me. And now I just have to wait to give the flash to her and hope she enjoys it as much and even more than you guys.


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2010-10-10 01:51:13

You really deserved that daily second. The animation was great in my opinion, and it was just such a thoughtful message. Anyone would be lucky to have a friend like you.


2010-10-10 03:09:35

same like the guy below but i think that the first daily should be yours but yuo sub it on same day with a more known one anyway the work was awesome. i am looking forward for the next one.GOOD LUCKY!


2010-10-10 09:50:45

thats nice


2010-10-10 16:54:50

wow,if u just made that then im really suprised.Good idea and its a good flash


2010-10-11 11:21:49

your flashes are nice !