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The first...

... proper use of the arrow to the knee retarded forced meme, a lead into a funny rant about Skyrim. Everywhere I go on the internet I can't help be see comments from every idiotic 10-16 year old, "DURHURURHURUHRUR I WOULDA DONE *such and such* BUT THEN I TOOK AN ARROW TO THE KNEE HUHUHUHUHU. Well done flash, good art, good voice acting, good integration of quotes and annoying things that happen from the game, and a good ending that I wasn't expecting. Keep up the good work.

A bit choppy but good

I'm not quite sure I understand the whole idea other than the boss is angry at his lazy employees and just feels like killing them, and if that is the idea then I'd say you executed it pretty well haha. I feel like a little more work could have been put into the running animations since they were used so often for each character, but it kinda adds to the effect that they're frantically running away from their psychotic boss. Overall it wasn't one of the funnier animations I've seen but I definitely got a kick out of it. Good job and keep animating!

very nice

hilarious storyline as usual, just curious what was in the "juicy tits' cup before it was thrown out

Not your best

but i still find myself coming back and watching it. The fluid animation and ridiculously over the top facial expressions in all your movies get me every time. Keep up the good work because they're fun to watch and even more fun to read all the nerd rage that goes on in the other reviews.

Worth teh wait.

I've been waiting for this to come out and I'm so glad it finally did. The first two steps of this animation are my all time favorite animations and have made me continue working with flash myself. This is by far the best of the three parts and I can't wait for the fourth. Great job as always and hopefully I can brush up on my skills and make the front page one day.


You spelled Jeopardy wrong. GG.

Great-Incubus responds:

Never have been the best speller. :-)


Perfect thats all. O man... lol...

LokiClock responds:

yiff yiff?


Great idea and very good and clean graphics. I loved it.

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I loved the graphics and the whole idea behind the movie. Good work.

Awesome indeed.

Loved the graphics, simple, but hilarious. I loved the ppls faces when they were angry or surprised. Very hilarious

Your cute.

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