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Posted by Scrambledheggs - June 24th, 2011

I just recently looked and found out that my fifth year of signing up here was two days ago. Seen lots of great flashes and it's only made me want to animate even more. I recently received a PM telling me I should make more animations, which was really encouraging. To any of my fans that may be floating around out there on the site, just letting you know that there's another work in progress that I'm hoping to have done sometime in the next few months when I have the time between summer classes (FML). Don't want to spoil too much about it, but I'll let you know that it is going to be another Queen music video since I got such a good response from the first one and I loved this song so much I just had to pick it for a new animation. Another hint is actually in the little screenshot teaser, the outfit that he is wearing is actually the same outfit that Freddie Mercury is wearing in the music video, so for anyone who wants to go lurking on youtube to find it out and spoil it for everyone else, there's your hint. I'm trying to improve on my lip synching and I think it is going over quite well. I'm also going to try and not be so lazy with backgrounds and I've also been changing outfits as much as possible to give a lot more variety and less frames that just look like repeats. I'm about a third of the way through the song and I absolutely love it already, I can't stop watching it over and over again and I'm hoping everyone that watches it will do the same. Anyways, it's been a fun 5 years coming to this place and watching the changes its made and also seeing the changes in my own work. A big thanks to good ol Mr. Fulp as well as to all my fans, however small my fan base may actually be lol.

5 Year Anniversary and NEW ANIMATION NEWS!

Posted by Scrambledheggs - October 10th, 2010

After 4 years of creating nothing for this site in flash, I felt like it would be fun to just submit something as a critique just so I could see what other people thought of it before giving it to someone very special to me. I wasn't expecting great reviews just because I had rushed the ending part of the animation so some things were a bit choppy, but it got the idea across. And what do I know, I come back after a few hours and I see that I'm daily second! 4 years of me being a lazy sack of crap and not submitting anything to come back to that.

But anyways, I just wanted to give a shout out to all the people that watched and gave such awesome reviews for me. And now I just have to wait to give the flash to her and hope she enjoys it as much and even more than you guys.